About Us

The history of our company dates back to 1931 when we started to manufacture rubber molded goods in Kanice. We were given the name of Obnova in 1949 and we have been operating under this name until now as a purely Czech company.

In the Czech Republic we provide the most comprehensive offer of used tire retreading by hot and cold vulcanization. We cooperate with foreign partners, thanks to whom our products go to fifty countries all over the world, including USA. We use the latest technologies by Technorubber (Italy), Salvadori (Italy), Marangonni (Italy), MAE (Italy), ITG Manzoni (Italy), Krajewski (Poland) and Orbitread (USA).
We renovate 8 000 tires a year, primarily for agricultural and construction machinery, cargo vans and trucks.

Retreading takes place in compliance with the EEC regulations no. 108 and 109 in the form a declaration of conformity, based on certificates issued by a renowned company every year.